Food- :

- Daily, provided that you order before 08.00 pm, available as from 07.30 am
- Fresh bread/rolls/cake/free-range eggs (boiled if desired) and sandwich filling.
- Daily available, fresh soup of the day in jug 1/2 or 1L – as from 05.00 pm
- Breakfast, Lunch and lunch packages, ordered, as from 08.00 am

Maps and info :

- All local cycling, walking, car- and road maps are available (some of them at a small fee)
- Small material and tools for bike repair available
- in case of big problems, transport with trailer to service station (6 km)
- Washing  machine available, washing service on request
- Limited bike rental, for large amounts of bikes, please book in time.

Gas : We only have a limited number of the most common small cans or bottles with camping gas in stock. The same goes for camping gas for caravans or campers.


Wifi connectivity: